AI as your personal shopper

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Rory Sutherland is a real-life advertising industry Mad Man. The Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy UK isn’t convinced artificial intelligence will do all our shopping for us, as Amazon predicts. The world’s biggest online retailer sees a day when your doorbell will ring and it will be a delivery containing exactly the thing you didn’t know you wanted.

“There’s no such thing as a thing,” insists Sutherland. “What we actually buy has meaning and the emotional consequences of meaning, and meaning depends not only on the thing, it depends on how we perceive it, the context in which we perceive it.”

Sutherland insists purchases are made with emotion, not machine learning.

In this next episode of Futurithmic, we’ll travel to London and to one of the oldest markets in the world to discuss the future of shopping in the age of the algorithm.

Watch the teaser:

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