How humanity intersects with technology

rory sutherland and michael hainsworth

Futurithmic looks at the impact that advances in technology today will have on society tomorrow. Veteran journalist Michael Hainsworth interviews industry leaders and experts, exploring the challenges — and possible solutions — that the world will encounter in the future of emerging technologies.

We’ll dive into topics like augmented reality, big data, #fakenews, esports, marketing and human behavior, and how technology will impact all of these things. 

Futurithmic is a Nokia original series, produced in partnership with Shaftesbury Films. You can watch it here.

About Futurithmic

It is our mission to explore the implications of emerging technologies, seeking answers to next-level questions about how they will affect society, business, politics and the environment of tomorrow.

We aim to inform and inspire through thoughtful research, responsible reporting, and clear, unbiased writing, and to create a platform for a diverse group of innovators to bring multiple perspectives.

Futurithmic is building the media that connects the conversation.

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