A love letter to Futurithmic on Valentine’s Day

an envelope with a love letter inside of it

Call us sentimental, but Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), holds a special place in our hearts. On this day last year, after months of researching, planning, and building, we officially introduced the world to Futurithmic. 

And what a sweet year it’s been.

With the support of Nokia, a handful of talented tech writers – a small but scrappy editorial team –  we’ve explored the current state and future of the telecommunications industry, emerging technologies, and took a look at how they will impact the future of work and human behavior. 

The Nokia and Shaftesbury-produced documentary series, hosted by Michael Hainsworth, explores different perspectives on how technology impacts our everyday lives. 

In just 12 short months, we launched a documentary series and a podcast, both hosted by veteran journalist Michael Hainsworth. We created a newsletter and kicked off our monthly twitter chats. We interviewed tons of analysts, researchers, authors, and executives about their visions for the future, and the work it will take to get there. And we’ve gained knowledge and insight into the technical and regulatory aspects of implementing new wireless networks, and the security risks associated with the massive amounts of user and company data. 

On the Futurithmic podcast, Nokia Bell Labs’ Marina Thottan explains how 5G will power Industry 4.0.

Along the way, we were inspired by the humanity of technology, and the possibilities of using technology to be more sustainable, connect with previously off-grid communities and assist and improve the lives of people with health concerns and disabilities. 

For 2020, our only hope is to keep learning, growing and exploring. One thing we’ve learned is this isn’t just about cool new innovations in tech (though there’s plenty of that, of course), but how this technology is changing our lives every day.

We want to hear more from our Futurithmic readers, too. Our monthly #FutureTechChat proved wildly popular right out of the gate, which shows our readers are not only engaged with Futurithmic, but with each other.  

I’d like to acknowledge our tireless team for their part in making Futurithmic’s vision a reality. Every single writer, editor, designer, project manager, podcast guest, partner, and executive that we’ve had the pleasure of working with this year has contributed to making this project a success, and for that, we are incredibly grateful. 

And then, dear reader, there’s you. Thanks for reading, watching, listening, subscribing and sharing.

About Futurithmic

It is our mission to explore the implications of emerging technologies, seeking answers to next-level questions about how they will affect society, business, politics and the environment of tomorrow.

We aim to inform and inspire through thoughtful research, responsible reporting, and clear, unbiased writing, and to create a platform for a diverse group of innovators to bring multiple perspectives.

Futurithmic is building the media that connects the conversation.

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