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The Politics

One of the biggest challenges that we face going forward is how we deal with rapid technology shifts in a way that encourages and enables innovation while also considering the effects on people and systems. How technology will be managed and regulated is uncertain. Here, we explore how technology is shaping the law, and how the law will change the ways we can use technology, bringing worldwide perspectives to the conversation.

Woman unlocking smartphone with facial recognition technology.

Escaping the tech industry’s bias loop

On its path to ‘move fast and break things,’ products and services have built-in biases, spawning flawed paradigms and tools that filter out diversity of culture and representation for the tech industry and consumers alike.

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Businessman on his phone while wearing a mask in the city during COVID-19 pandemic

Keep calm, and your privacy

Location data can be useful both for academics and researchers involved in pandemic research, as well as first responders and front-line agencies planning and delivering resources.

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