Mission Statement

Futurithmic aims to explore the implications of emerging technologies, seeking answers to complex questions about how technology will affect society, business, politics and the environment of tomorrow.

Our goal is to inform and inspire through thoughtful research and responsible reporting — creating a platform for a diverse group of innovators to bring multiple perspectives.

Futurithmic is building the media that connects the conversation.

Who are we?

we DO

  • Get responsibly excited about the future.
  • Share honest, researched, insightful opinions.
  • Fact-check and seek out multiple angles and responses.
  • Think about the long-term effects and human consequences.
  • Face the elephant in the room, even if the subject is a political hotbed.
  • Provide value to our readers in every article, publishing information that will help them make more informed decisions.
  • Push the envelope and challenge ideas.
  • Publish content that connects with the audience by relating to their unique issues and needs.
  • Speak to a knowledgeable, advanced reader, skipping 101’s and unnecessary backgrounders.

we DON’T

  • Get breathless and idealistic about the future.
  • Aim to be contrary, argumentative or critical.
  • Post or respond to hearsay or push a particular agenda.
  • Publish things that are defamatory, hurt others or are politically motivated.
  • Tackle tough topics without thorough research, understanding or verification.
  • Placate our readers with platitudes, pat them on the back or otherwise publish frothy, frivolous content that just makes them feel better.
  • “Disrupt” for the sake of disruption. We are about building, not breaking.
  • Publish content that alienates other audiences by using too much jargon, insider language or undefined concepts.
  • Look down our nose at those who are looking to learn.

Our Audience

Futurithmic speaks to innovators tasked with digital transformation and looking to bring their business and their industry into the future.

Our focus is on communications service providers, but our subjects and contributors are not limited to this area as everything is interconnected. Futurithmic is dedicated to examining the human side of emerging technologies and how it will affect all aspects of daily living.

Writing Style

“Powerful words softly spoken.”

Futurithmic produces well-researched and insightful pieces. We are not reporting the news, we are leading a conversation.

Articles are to be written in an informal, conversational tone. We want to be knowledgeable but approachable. Avoid the use of coded jargon and lingo (ie. legal-ese or academese) that would isolate the reader.

Use inclusive language and ideas. Futurithmic is a non-discriminatory media platform and we will not tolerate hateful or ignorant language and ideas targeting people of any and all backgrounds.

Be cautious of including humour. While we are targeting English speakers, Nokia has a large non-English speaking audience and jokes could get lost in translation.

Nokia adheres to the AP style guide but does not put periods on abbreviations or acronyms.

When in doubt about capitalization — don’t.

Make use of in-text links and social media posts for sources and to provide context when necessary.

Stick to 500-750 words for each article. Long form articles can be pitched and will be approved by an editor.


Feature images for articles will be sourced by Truly unless otherwise stated.

Contributors may suggest images for articles from Unsplash / Twenty20 / iStock / Shutterstock

When necessary, contributors will provide original photographs or charts to support the article. If an original chart or infographic cannot be provided, contributors will let us know to direct the graphic design team.

Feature Image dimensions: minimum of 1230×690 px

File size: 2.5 MB max

Social Posts

Social posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will be written by the editor.

See Social Media guidelines below.


For those looking to contribute to Futurithmic, send an email to editor[AT]futurithmic[DOT]com with your name, contact information (including links to any social accounts), a headshot and a short bio (2-3 lines).

Please include the following in a paragraph:

An editor will be in contact to discuss the pitch and work with the contributor on any suggested edits.

Editing Process

Truly Inc. and Nokia reserves the right to edit submissions for accuracy, clarity, grammar, length, and style. Editors will work with contributors to suggest minor and/or substantial edits.

4 weeks before publication: Articles will be assigned one month before publication. Writers will generally have a deadline of one week unless otherwise stated.

3 weeks: Articles are submitted to the Editor. Editor reviews, writes social posts, and sources images.

2 weeks: Submitted to Nokia editor for approval. Nokia has one week to suggest edits.

1 week: The article is edited and ready to post with social + images. Posts for the following week are sent to Nokia for the weekly editorial meeting.

Topic Categories:

The Human Factor

How will the rapid advances in technology affect our lives at work, in our homes, and in our daily interactions with others? Here, we examine the human side of emerging technologies, considering the endless possibilities they bring and the complex challenges that they may bring.

The Technology

Arthur C. Clarke said it best, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” As we watch today’s emerging technologies, we’re seeing this quote come to life. This is where we get to revel in the magic.

The Economics

Your business matters. Here we discuss how technology is changing telecommunications and other industries, what it really means to get ready for industry 4.0, and what your business should be doing to thrive into the future.

The Politics

One of the biggest challenges that we face going forward is how we deal with rapid technology shifts in a way that encourages and enables innovation while also considering the effects on people and systems. How technology will be managed and regulated is uncertain. Here, we explore how technology is shaping the law, and how the law will change the ways we can use technology, bringing worldwide perspectives to the conversation.

Future X

Future X will provide an in-depth look at the current research projects and focuses of Nokia and Bell Labs. Through this, we will gain a deeper understanding of where we’re heading in the future and how technology will change the way we interact with the world. As a global leader in driving innovation, Nokia is looking to make tech human again.

Social Media Guidelines

Article Content

Each article contains a featured image and a minimum of 5 images per article for social promotion purposes.

Images have a minimum height and width of 1080px and can be a combination of stock photos, custom illustrations, quotes, or infographics.

Images must be approved by the Art Director before posting.

  • Image dimensions: minimum 1080×1080 px (Square)
  • Use quotes or insight from the article when linking content. Do NOT just post article title.
  • Images are pulled directly from the article. Images do not need to be present when discussing non-Futurithmic content.
  • Dimensions: minimum 1080×1080 px (Square)

All links to articles MUST use our Lickstats-generated links beginning with

[ https://ftr.bz/ ]