We’re always on the lookout for talented freelancers, journalists and researchers to contribute articles and editorial pieces. Here is more information on how to contribute.


We’re looking for people who can write authoritatively on any of the following subjects:


Exploring the effects of technology on our social world and our social world on technology.
Customer Experience, Culture, Diversity, Talent, Consumer Trends, Digital Transformation, Loyalty, Privacy, Security, Leadership, Generations, etc.

Featuring the technology, its applications and possibilities.
IoT, Blockchain, 5G, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 6G, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart cities, etc.

Exploring the economics and business outcomes of technology innovations.
Business Growth, Efficiency Creation, Partnerships, Globalization, Industry News, Vertical Integration, Emerging Industries, Startups, Licensing, OTTs, Developing Markets, etc.

Addressing the regulatory and societal inputs and outputs that affect innovation.
Net Neutrality, World News, Privacy Regulations, Market Regulations, Market Stability, Public Funding, Trade Systems, Taxation, etc.

AUDIENCE: Our audience are leaders in telecommunications. Though your experience may not be directly in this area, the perspective should be something this audience can learn and benefit from. We also very much welcome articles written from the “customer of a CSP” perspective, though they need to be solutions-focused (not about being critical).

Our Approach

Get responsibly excited about the future.Get breathless and idealistic about the future.
Share honest, researched, insightful opinions.Aim to be contrary, argumentative or critical.
Fact-check and seek out multiple angles and responses.Post or respond to hearsay or push a particular agenda.
Think about the long-term effects and human consequences.Publish things that are defamatory, hurt others or are politically motivated.
Face the elephant in the room, even if the subject is a political hotbed.Tackle tough topics without thorough research, understanding or
Provide value to our readers in every article, publishing information that will help them make more informed decisions.Placate our readers with platitudes, pat them on the back or otherwise publish frothy, frivolous content that just makes them feel better.
Push the envelope and challenge ideas.“Disrupt” for the sake of disruption. We are about building, not breaking.
Publish content that connects with the audience by relating to their unique issues and needs.Publish content that alienates other audiences by using too much jargon, insider language or undefined concepts.
Speak to a knowledgeable, advanced reader, skipping 101’s and unnecessary backgrounders.Look down our nose at those who are looking to learn.

To Apply

Do you want to write for us? Send an email to editor[AT]futurithmic[DOT]com with the following:

Also, please include the following:

Preference will go towards those who bring fresh perspectives and ideas on how the topic (or technology) relates to people, society, the economy and politics. We are looking for articles that range from 500-750 words. If the topic permits and the research is fascinating, we are open to longer, more in-depth pieces.

Articles submitted must be original and unpublished elsewhere. An editor will be in contact to discuss the pitch and work with the contributor on any suggested edits.

Editing Process

We look to get first drafts of the article 3-4 weeks in advance of publishing (unless the topic is incredibly timely, it goes into a queue). Truly Inc. and Nokia reserve the right to edit submissions for accuracy, clarity, grammar, length, and style. Editors will work with contributors to suggest minor and/or substantial edits.

We are always happy to receive suggestions or original photographs from our writers, but will also be sourcing them from our own image banks.

For all other inquires, please see our Community Guidelines.