Young woman lying in bed with a digital tablet and smart speaker, controlling home devices with a voice commands.
The irony with technology is that while many people have valid concerns about how technological development puts our privacy at risk, technology can also make our world safer. This is, of course, a broad statement. But there are six key areas, in particular, where existing and emerging technology is poised... Read More
Woman unlocking smartphone with facial recognition technology.
The rise of the tech industry as an economic engine for global ecosystems has generated a success matrix that embeds archaic societal archetypes. On its path to ‘move fast and break things,’ products and services have built-in biases, spawning flawed paradigms and tools that filter out diversity of culture and... Read More
Illustration of Amit Mehrotra
If 80 percent of wireless infrastructure is aimed at the roads, how are our mobile networks handling the COVID-19 crush of traffic at home? Enter the Wizards of Network Optimization, who don’t have to climb a pole to ensure your episode of Tiger King streams flawlessly on Netflix.  Host Michael... Read More
Man using artificial intelligence to understand coronavirus better.
By now, we all know COVID-19 is spreading fast, infecting people at an exponential rate. “This is the defining global health crisis of our time,” says Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization. “The days, weeks, and months ahead will be a test of our resolve, a test... Read More

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