Businessman on his phone while wearing a mask in the city during COVID-19 pandemic
This article was co-authored with Nishan Chelvachandran. Pandemic! Emergency! Hack COVID-19! As the novel coronavirus has evolved from an emerging threat to a clear and present danger on a global scale, governments have begun to use our digital footprints as a tool to flatten the curve. But as these governments... Read More
a person examining a dashboard of data on a digital tablet in an office
COVID-19 has proven to be a very deadly global virus. As governments around the world struggle to contain the spread of the contagion, many are wondering what tools might be available to moderate future pandemics.  While it is probably unrealistic to expect any government to be fully prepared for an... Read More
5G use cases
A ‘build it and they will come’ approach won’t be enough for telcos to fully capitalize on 5G’s enormous commercial potential, according to a new global research study by Omdia and Nokia. Instead, communication service providers (CSPs) must proactively develop 5G use cases, pursue partnerships outside their own industry sandbox,... Read More

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