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Buzz, buzz, buzz. It’s your smartphone again. So you check it and find … nothing. No calls, messages or notifications. What the heck just happened? It’s called phantom phone syndrome and it’s one example of how technology is rewiring our brains. Many scientific studies have been conducted on the phenomenon,... Read More
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This article is the second in a series on digital citizenship. For more, read “Fear is not enough, teach kids about digital citizenship.”  Armed with mobile devices, cloud-based software, data analytics, easy-to-use apps, automated artificial intelligence, and numerous real-time communication tools, today’s workplace is a hub of efficiency and productivity.... Read More
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Have you noticed that your kids are incredible trouble-shooters and consumer product connoisseurs? Kids these days are discerning, tech-savvy consumers who are eager to adapt to new technologies constantly thanks to smart devices and STEM-based apps and programming. To put it nicely, they make consumer-review diehards of the past look... Read More
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When it comes to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or mixed reality (MR), most of the general public still think of video games. While gaming and other forms of entertainment are likely the first experiences we have with these technologies, they are fast being adopted in other sectors of society.... Read More

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