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We immigrant kids have one advantage. Well, more like a callous. Our experiences have prepared us for the age of disruption.  I grew up in a Korean immigrant stereotype: a small grocery store in the heart of Montreal’s Bohemian district. And there were several commandments our family internalized: 12-hour workdays... Read More
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This article is the second in a series on digital citizenship. For more, read “Fear is not enough, teach kids about digital citizenship.”  Armed with mobile devices, cloud-based software, data analytics, easy-to-use apps, automated artificial intelligence, and numerous real-time communication tools, today’s workplace is a hub of efficiency and productivity.... Read More
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The further integration of automated processes and machines in our workforce is an inevitable future, but even robo-geeks would admit that their enthusiasm might not be shared by all. The future of human-machine co-existence requires the consideration of direct and indirect implications on a societal and singular level.  These concerns... Read More
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A leader is a dealer in hope. Napoleon Bonaparte *Name has been changed I spoke with a young man the other day who recently began working for a new company. Noah* had seven years of work experience in sales and a good track record. The manager positioned Noah in an... Read More

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