girl video conference with family
This article was originally published to the Nokia Bell Labs blog by Markus Hofmann on March 25, 2019. There is something missing in the way that many are looking at what’s next for human communication. One may argue that there has always been something missing. Humans, as inherently social beings,... Read More
we speak music beatboxing community
“What lessons are there in the voice and how can it actually affect our everyday life?” That is the question being posed throughout We Speak Music, a six-episode documentary series presented by Nokia Bell Labs and starring world-class beatboxer and artist Harry Yeff, also known as Reeps One. Yeff, an... Read More
We Speak Music Reeps One
“Everything that you think is possible with the voice is not the limit.” That’s Harry Yeff, also known as Reeps One, a world-renowned, award-winning beatboxer and visual and audio artist. Harry Yeff (aka Reeps One) is an artist-in-residence at Nokia Bell Labs’ Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) program. The... Read More
young woman on desktop computer
Quo Vadis Qubit? This article was originally published to the Nokia Bell Labs blog by Dimitrios Schoinianakis on December 10, 2018. I was on my way out of the rather impressive IBM Watson IoT Tower in Munich. Still a bit puzzled, rushing to the subway, I was struggling to fathom... Read More

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