illustration of Steve Mannel
5G requires additional CAPEX investments, and it’s arriving at a time when telecom companies are feeling the pinch. But to Salesforce’s Steve Mannel, the real ROI for 5G won’t come from consumers — it will come from building an enterprise ecosystem. Below is a transcript of this conversation. Some parts... Read More
Illustration of Stephen Rose
The FAANGS are out and telecom companies don’t want to get bitten. But as giants like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google build their next generation services on 5G, how does a telecom company go from “dumb pipe” to smart collaborator? Stephen Rose of Bell Labs says the industry has... Read More
illustration of Jitin Bhandari
Every time someone picks up a 5G smartphone, a superhero springs into action. For Nokia’s Jitin Bhandari, it’s not the ‘faster than a speeding bullet’ radio access network. And it’s not the transport’s ability to leap tall silos in a single bound. It’s the mild mannered 5G core. But the... Read More
illustration of Jason Schwartz
Gaming giant Razer has its head in the cloud.  While best known for its computer mice, keyboards, and headsets, the company’s relationship with Tencent reveals the future of gaming in the era of 5G: always available, and never laggy.  Razer President and Head of Mobile Gaming Jason Schwartz explains why... Read More

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